Kimchi Diet

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So a while ago, we realized that Kimchi is getting fat. AJung performed the fat test (see if his can fit all his legs into the shell) and Kimchi failed spectacularly.

The instructions on the turtle food container suggested “Feed as much as the turtle can consume for 15minutes.” Well Kimchi can probably finish the entire container in 15minutes. When he is not eating he hugs the water heater and dozes off.

Being very clever engineers and a little bored from studying we designed a ‘motivational’ exercise machine for Kimchi.

The problem is that Kimchi also likes to jump off tables so we ended up doing more exercise to prevent him from committing suicide.

Once we put him back in the water he quickly figured out how to get his food. Back to the drawing board again!

SamKimchi Diet

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  1. Horace


    You got out smarted by a turtle. Back to the drawing board again is right! Maybe some sort of sensor + feedback control is needed for this smart turtle.

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