First Snow of 2008

Sam General, Macro, Toronto 1 Comment

It is always so quiet and peaceful after snowfall. The blanket of snow give everything a new surface.

Lester Street. I predict in a few years all these houses would be torn down and be replaced by high-rise apartments.

Some interesting images while walking around.

With 2 weeks of classes left before finals, the sports teams also concluded their seasons. All of our teams got into playoff and it was a great season.

Our 4A soccer team photo, too bad a portion of the people couldn’t make it due to labs and such.

Here are some ‘interesting’ outtakes while I was setting up!

SamFirst Snow of 2008

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  1. Horace

    Man that red leaf picture is very nice! The ice crystal is interesting too. All the fine glass is definitely worth their price hehe.

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