Gustav Bakos Observatory

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Many students come and go without knowing that University of Waterloo has an observatory that is located above the Physics building.

This Wednesday I participated in the monthly public tour and it was a clear night to see the Orion Nebula. Even though it was it was -20degC, there was quite a big crowd to learn a bit about astronomy and look through the telescope. It was a very neat feeling to be standing in the red glow staring into the dark skies.

SamGustav Bakos Observatory

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  1. Tara

    Isn’t it wonderful? I took the [Arts] astronomy course two years ago and the prof took us up to the observatory after class a few times. It was incredibly cool. Definitely one of those little known facts about the UW campus.

    Also, saw some of your pics from the dance in Toronto. They looked *great*.

  2. zhen lu

    Did you manage to shoot any photo of the sky through the lens of the telescope ? the scene must be magnificant

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