Yashica, Round 2

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The Yashica Mat-124G is back. This time with a bit of everything, still learning all the buttons and knobs.

St.Jacob Farmer’s Market, I learned about the local Shrine club from these gentlemen.
Toques and gloves for the winter. I had intended to focus on the man but he was moving too much for my fingers.
Pizza Nova, our Sunday one-stop with 3 mediums pizzas for $15!
Funny graffiti on the fire hydrant. I feel like that when I have 8:30am class and have to trek through the snow.
A neat display outside of a shop in Unionville.
Another perspective of the fiddler. I think we took a shot of it from all the Medium Format cameras and see how differently they all turn out. Mamiya C330 and Pentax 645.
A spontaneous snapshot of a fastfood stand. I am a big fan of the checkered table cloth.

SamYashica, Round 2

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  1. Horace

    Hey I didn’t you paint. I think Sam and I have capture that fiddler in sufficient angles that we can fully construct it in 3D…

  2. stan

    hey sam, didn’t know you shot film! instead of trying to focus on the man w the focussing knob, just physically move yourself back and forth to keep the man in focus :P that’s how it’s done w leicas… so much easier

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