Snowboarding at Blue

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Reading week for the poor Engineering students! However, my school just loves to put midterms right after the break to keep us on our toes. Well I had to get my ‘fix’ of snowboarding for the season. We went to Blue Mountain, a great view over the Georgian Bay area.

Weather wise it was -1DegC (a little warm), shallow layer of powder but icy at some slopes.

Pouyan’s ski mask reminded me of the Arctic Avengers from CS!

I love ski-lifts, they are so relaxing and you can see so much from up top.

A collision between Pouyan and Justin! Skiers have the most spectacular wipe outs with their gear scattered all over the hill.

We did almost 12hrs of ski/snowboarding and totaled about 40-50 runs. We were really tired on the way back…

SamSnowboarding at Blue

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