ARGO – 10 Days Left

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Symposium on the 23rd, 10days left. We took the ARGO out for test driving a few days ago and it is working really well with the joystick input, we flipped the switch for autonomous operations but ended up doing donuts and tearing up the field.
This is the ARGO loaded onto the trailer, some of us had to sit on the floor because they had taken out most of the seats in the van.
The controls are really sensitive and combined with the mushy field it was very easy to slide out of control. We COULD drive slower but then we wouldn’t be testing it correctly..
While Ryan is fine-tuning the actuators, we were happy to just be standing outside enjoying the sunshine.
This is me ripping the field to pieces….hehe.
Since we didn’t want to lose the ARGO, we were driving at 20km/h….causing traffic backup on Ring Road.

SamARGO – 10 Days Left

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