A Walk in the Park with FA*300mm

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It is crunch time for projects, labs, and reports but I just couldn’t resist the nice weather and went out for some shooting. I took the FA*300mm/4.5 ED [IF] and focused my attention on the Canadian Geese in the park. The lens never cease to amaze me with its resolving power, here you can see the water droplet falling from the beak of the goose.

It was getting a little dark but I tried to freeze the movements. Here a goose coming in for landing.

Shaking the water from the feathers.

5 days till Symposium…back to work!

SamA Walk in the Park with FA*300mm

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  1. Dan

    Sam… you’re a stellar photographer. I really enjoyed looking through your blog.
    Will add you to my RSS feeds as soon as I get to my main computer.


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