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Our 8 months of blood and sweat all came down to this one afternoon when we could show it off and talk to visitors about our 4th year design projects at the student life center. Setup began at 10am and the Symposium officially started at 1am. This year we had 30 groups in the class and it was great to check out some of the final products. Let’s check out some of the display booths.

Hyroller, a hybrid wheelchair that had been built from scratch!

Dancing robot that would imitate human movements by capturing joint positions and adaptive Neural Network.

Project Alarm, a multi-robot system for landmine detection.

ARGO, we finished the project with the vehicle able to navigate by GPS waypoints.

Ed’s hydraulic robot arm (AKA Snakebot). It amazed us since he pulled it off alone.

Active suspension design to climb over curbs and gaps.

ARCON, a R/C conversion for a 1993 Toyota Camry.

SwimTRON 5000, a trainer for competitive swimmers.

Yassir explaining his Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) UAV to the Chair of the Mechanical Department.

This is after the plane was set to hover for a short demo. I think those fans were spinning at over 10,000RPM.

Brandon and his new concept for a tattoo gun.

The team posing in front of their tele-operated, robotically-assisted, image guided laparoscopic instrument. Amazing design/construction once again.

Prosthetic Hand Design with force feedback to avoid crushing the objects.

The nForcer, combines perspective control and shooting game. They built the gun, the tent to block out ambient light, and the game for their project.

A new synthesizer involving body movement/tilt, and finger positions.

Man’s best friend strapped to your wrist. The device can turn on/off appliances, get bus schedule and do other magical things.

Team Franken-mote in action!

A new chassis design for the Formula SAE team.

Closing statement from our professor before we all packed up and went to the bar.

High-Five for a job well done!
UPDATE: GALLERY for the rest of the pictures. More information on these projects are available HERE.

SamMechatronics Design Symposium

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  1. Zuzana

    Wow, Sam, looks like I missed a lot not being able to attend on Monday – you should seriously be pressing UoW PR people to be more proactive a do more to spread the word! After what I have seen today I was talking to our Director of Marketing about some sort of sponsoring/supporting the event next year! It’s amazing what you guys are doing!

  2. karen

    hey goi!
    great job in the photos and also in your project :)
    yayyy youre DONE!!! well the major part of it anyway :)
    congrats! i am so proud of you :)

  3. jsunkistc

    wow…all the projects look awesome! must have been an insane amount of work! good job! did you dress up in a tux too like those guys making the game and gun? =)

  4. Patti

    Sam, your projects look amazing! I can’t say that my senior design projects are anywhere as cool as what you guys presented. Great pics, too. I love looking through your blog.

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