End of Undergrad!

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I am officially finished all my undergraduate requirements and have moved back home! Similar to many of my friends, it still feels like we had just had just finished another school term but will see each other again in a few months.

No more exams in the sweaty, stuffy PAC, the makeshift exam hall converted from the school gym.

Below I will talk about some of the items that have accompanied me throughout the undergraduate degree.
[Left] My faithful backpack of 10 years. Many years ago my mom had made a promise she would keep mending it till the end of my university degree. Everytime I come home there would be some work to be done on the backpack…..
[Right] My 10-speed bike with its curvy fenders for daily commuting. It is from the 60’s, dark maroon, and have rust on the pedals. I never had to worry about people stealing it.

My 4 years old Toshiba Tecra M2 that is full of battle scars but still going strong.
1) Loose connections in the screen that causes a random colored vertical bar
2) Broken hinge that can lead to the screen slapping onto keyboard or tabletop. Can increase the severeness of item #1.
3) Missing “[” key. Though functional, it can be a great pain when programming. Jamming on the key can cause item #1,2 to occur.

Of course I have to give credit to the super basic, 2-week battery life cellphone and ridiculously large keychains that I have been lugging around.

SamEnd of Undergrad!

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  1. Ryan

    looks like the bar is getting worse on your screen, you should join me in getting a new computer :P

    have a good one

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