Old Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

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The Old Whitby Psychiatric Hospital was constructed in 1917 and closed down in 1996. It was a forerunner in mental hospitals with its interconnected buildings and home-like buildings for the patients. Supposedly it is full of wandering spirits from all the strange conditions and suicides. Yikes.

Horace and I arrived at the site but unfortunately most of the buildings have been torn down to be redeveloped into residential homes. We managed to sneak into the two remaining ‘cottages’ for a quick look.

Which is safer, the area where the ceiling is still intact or had fallen down?

The exterior of Building No.12. The basement was completely flooded.

The interior of one building was completely coated with a white coat, perhaps to keep the walls from decaying?

Here are some images of the main complex taken in 2005:

SamOld Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

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  1. Lydian Gray

    Hello there! i love your pictures, and i wanna ask for permission to use them as background in a musical webseries that I shall upload to my youtube channel. I will of course give you the proper credits for your work, and provide a link to your site in the video. I hope you let me use your pictures cause they are truly amazing!

    Thank you :D

  2. Chris

    I worked here for many years. I knew some of the older staff that literally used to work here and sleep here in rooms separates down the patients in the cottages. What a wild place to work. So
    Much history. Sad to see it go – it was quite a historical landmark

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