My Journey in Asia – Nine to Nine

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I have finally published my photos from last year’s travels! It was a struggle every step of the way, mainly due to my last-minute nature and lack of ability to tranfer my thoughts onto paper. This book contains some of my best works and it is very satisfying to hold the physical book in my hands. I really want to say a big thank you to all the people that helped me with the title, layout, writing, deadlines, and overall complaining throughout the process!

Here are a few pages taken from the book. You can click the above image or here.

As an incentive to get myself to finish the book, I have entered “Nine to Nine” into the Photography.Book.New Contest.

Vote for my Book in the Photography.Book.Now competition. If you have a minute, please VOTE for my book and help it get to the top! (yes I know it sucks you have to register, but we all have a few ‘spam’ email addresses right?). I really appreciate all the support and comments :)

If you are interested in purchasing the book please drop me a line at samuel.cheng AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment, the prices will be cheaper than the ones listed on the webpage!

SamMy Journey in Asia – Nine to Nine

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  1. ian

    just caught up on allyour east asia photos.. so awesome man.. and congrats with your finished book :) i’ve voted :D

  2. mike y

    Hey Sam, I love checking out your photoblog now and again, you shoot some amazing stuff. Just flipped through your book, its great. I love how you have some of the more local shots, its stuff like that people don’t see when they go to visit with big company tours and such.

  3. Tim Garvey


    I just re-discovered your photo Blog on one of the office computer “favorites”.

    The photos are awesome — I hadn’t realized you did the Book. I am definitely looking to purchase one!

    I am so envious of your upcoming trip over the Holidays with Randy. I so wish I had the time to go with the two of

    you! The time will come! Enjoy, be safe — get in touch when you get back !!

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