A Year in Review

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2009. A quick little recap of this eventful year!

Marwikpolooza, we need more cowbells!

Oreo -> Nutella -> Oreo -> Nutella -> Oreo

Pirates vs Popes.

Jolivet directing the Argo, our 4th Year Final Project.

Mechatronics Design Symposium

MTE vs Prof Wang’s family + TAs, too much trash talking!

Class of Mechatronics 2009

IRS and Pancake Breakfast

Last few exams…

Hiking in Tobermory in 2degC weather.

Visiting Boston!

At the New England Aquarium

The epic AJLS Road Trip

Avid Iceberg and moose chasers!

Finally got that piece of paper from University of Waterloo

Wandering in the province of Yunnan, China

Deqing Meili Snow Mountain, Shangri-La, Yunnan

Competing against Johann Koss, a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist in speed skating. President and CEO of the organization Right to Play.

Roaming around Hong Kong.

Finally finished my photobook Nine to Nine!

Canoe trip at Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Dump & Stack, our Fall Ultimate Frisbee Team @ TUC.

The PD team at Spin Master!

What will 2010 bring?

SamA Year in Review

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