Weekend Excursions – in 10 photos.

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Recently spent 3 weeks in HK/China for work. While I spent most of the time in China, I had the opportunity to wander around Hong Kong during the weekends.

Mom took me to Lin Heung Tea House [蓮香樓] for some classic dim sum in Central.

Maneuvering the dim sum carts in the crowded dining hall.

The waiter comes to refill the customers’ tea pots.

Customer enjoying a fresh sui mai!

A hawk following the wake of a ferry hunting his dinner.

Students fasting and protesting outside the Legislative Council against the development of a high speed rail connected to China.


Evening fruit stand.

SamWeekend Excursions – in 10 photos.

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  1. zhen

    Sam, it was a regret we didn’t have time to meet when you were in Hong Kong
    I was in Beijing again early this week, bracing two “sand storms” ( to be more accurate, “dust storm”) in three days. the scene was amazing, something like the alien invasion in the movie ” Independence Day ” ( I am old enough to have watched it -:))

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