Chinada Day

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How did you spend your Canada Day? Philip and I decided to join the China office in a day of team building activities.

We were assigned to team Wolf, incidentally there is a Wolf Wang on our team!

Team Teddy Bear.

Comrade Reading Zhang from Team Spaceship.

After we lined up according to the teams they turned all drill-sergeant on us….

Some of the activities involved crossing shaky bridges as a team and helping each other.

Crossing over a 40m long tight-rope. It got pretty shaky in the middle.

Team Teddy Bear showing off their team spirit.

Lunch time!

Water obstacle course.

WTF? Get a move on!

Slowed down and got wet at the last jump!

Triple FAIL. Falling into the water in a white dress.

Award ceremony.

Team Tornado won First place!

How many people can swing over and cram onto the platform. Best game ever.

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