Window. Music. No food

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Flying is highly dependent on personal preferences, each person have adopted to a certain set of guidelines and tries to stick to it. Some prefer the isle seats to easily move around, some prefer the center for least turbulence, while some prefer the window seats for the view and a place to lean.
I personally go by window seats; music with earbuds; and no food.

The commotions and rumbling metropolitan engulfed by nimbus clouds.

It is a matter of luck which side gets the view of the city and interesting cloud formations.

Cruising at 33,000ft.

Toronto from above, with the flat and grid-like layout. Quite a contrast against the Hong Kong skyline surrounding the shoreline.

Staring down Yonge Street. Almost home.

SamWindow. Music. No food

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  1. Horace

    Great set of photos. The first one is gorgeous.

    I always take the window seat if I can too, but I find it quite difficult to twist the body with a long-ish lens to shoot outside, depending on who’s sitting next to me it can be even tougher.

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