Revisiting Waterloo/Kitchener

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A couple weeks ago we visited Waterloo. First stop was St.Jacob’s Farmer’s market.

“1 for $3; 2 for $5; 5 for $10”. Simple math tells me we were saving 33.3% but reality was we had to carry 5 loaves for the whole day…

New building going up in Campus. Where did all the green space go?!

The new E5 building. We tried to find a way to get inside but with no luck.

After discovering our print accounts are still active and have some money left over we logged-on to Nexus.

Best use of an afternoon. Reading old lab reports and printing black pages.

We wandered around the Engineering buildings.

And pinned up posters on bulletin boards and slid them into glass displace shelves.

Slowly we made our way to the Clock Tower stage in downtown Kitchener.

Performance by Dr. John & The Lower 911.

The lead singer had a lot of character and great stage presence!

Bass guitar solo.

The crowd cheering during the final act.

SamRevisiting Waterloo/Kitchener

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