Europe Trip – Grossglockner High Alpine Road

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A short distance from Zell Am See is the famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road leading to one of the tallest peak in the Austrian Alps.

This road was built between the years 1930 to 1935, with a total length of 48 kilometers on the side of the Alps.

Our ascent vehicle, a VW Tiguan with a 2.0 Diesel Turbo engine, was a joy to drive up the slope and in the sleet/snow conditions. The electronic handbrakes was also a nice feature too for the hill starts.

An altitude change of almost 2,000m from start to finish!

Near the Edelweissspitze look-out point.

One of the many hairpin turns in the road. Great views from both sides of the car!

Overlooking the town of Heiligenblut.

Almost at the top.

Turning a corner and all the surfaces are covered in snow.

A lake at 2,000m?

Finally arrived at Kaiser-Franz-Josephs-Höhe Visitors`Centre at 2,369m. Amazing that crows can thrive in these conditions.

It was an amazing experience, both for the driver and the passengers. On the descent it was snowing so we were thankful for the 4WD!

SamEurope Trip – Grossglockner High Alpine Road

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