Bridge to Nowhere

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A while back I was trying to submit this photo of the homeless man to a photography contest. I thought the between his extended cup with the woman laden with shopping bags created a power juxtaposition. But first I had to get his model release form…so I contacted Ludwik on a quest to search for this man!

We jumped on our bikes and wandered up and down Dufferin Street, over to Queen Street. Asking for assistance and hints along the way. We crossed back on Bloor Street and found Bill sitting outside a Starbucks coffee shop. Bill said he needed time to think about it and to find him in 2 days. Unsatisfied Ludwik and I expanded our search for another quest.

We ventured into some bumpy bike trails on our speed bikes, going parallel is an abondoned railway bridge.

Using the overgrown bushes as a sign of unuse, we proceeded to carry our bikes across.

Being the intelligent beings, we proceeded to cross this train bridge, not knowing when it was last used.

Half way through. Don’t loook down! There were gaps in between the wooden beams and we could see cars passing 20m beneath us.

Finally made it across and now we are walking beside the DVP, one of the major highways in Toronto.

Traveling on the old railway tracks.

Ok now we have crossed the bridge…how do we make it up to that high bridge?!

We finally ended up on Danforth, wolfed down 2 Gyros and then headed home!

SamBridge to Nowhere

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