Montreal – Victoria Long Weekend

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Last time I posted some of the trip photos taken with 120 Film, this time the journey in Montreal is told from the digital camera’s point of view!

I find Montreal to be a very artistic/expressive city. An example are the graffiti everywhere.

At Jean Talon Market.

Fresh produce sampling…delicious and successful marketing scheme!

Using the fisheye for some fun shots!

Enjoy some musical performance outside a deli.

Walking around the neighbourhood, the multi-story buildings, each have their own style and decoration, offer so much for composition.

The Church of the Madonna della Difesa, constructed in 1919, with its impressive fresco.

Wait….is that Mussolini in the ceiling?!

Ordering some take-out sandwiches for our picnic!

The path to the top of Mont Royal, very peaceful path for biking/jogging/walking.

The view from the top, overlooking downtown Montreal.

At the top of Mont Royal.

A beautiful display of tulips in full-bloom!

Children playing in the fountain along Rue Sainte-Catherine.

As the sun was setting we strolled along the narrow streets and settled for dinner in Old Montreal. Behrouz and his brother also joined in at this point!

That concludes Day 1 in Montreal.

SamMontreal – Victoria Long Weekend

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