Rishi & Shelley’s Engagement Luncheon

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A traditional Indian engagement ceremony, where the two families came together to celebrate this great event through exchange of prayers, gifts, and blessings.

The location was BraeBen Golf Course Banquet Hall, overlooking the greens.

At the Pandit Ceremony, Rishi listening to the priest’s prayers.

Lighting of the incense at the beginning of the ceremony.

The immediate family gathering in a circle, partaking in the rituals.

Chanting the blessings.

Shelley joins the circle in the latter part of the ceremony.

The decorations leading to the banquet hall.

Great choice of the cake, everyone laughed upon seeing it!

The Sagan Ceremony, where Rishi will receive gifts from Shelley’s side of the family.

The Ring Ceremony, where Rishi presents Shelley THE ring she has been waiting for!

The Chuni Ceremony, where Rishi’s side of the family gives Shelley gifts.

A gallery of photos from the engagement ceremoney: HERE in full page.

Congrats to the officially engaged couple!

SamRishi & Shelley’s Engagement Luncheon

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