Montreal – Part II.

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Continuing from the first Day, day 2 was spent wandering through the different neighbourhoods of Montreal.

Walking through the Parc La Fontaine in the morning.

A pigeon sits on the fence. I really like the exterior staircases and multi-story building in the downtown region.

Wandering through the Plateau district. The streets are filled with local shops showing new styles/ideas. In the side streets there are garage sales.

A community of orthodox Jewish community along Rue Saint-Viateur

St-Viateur Bagels, established in 1957 and each bagel is still baked with wood-burning oven. Delicious!

Tam Tam Jam on Sundays in Mount Royal Park.

Both visitors and locals are encouraged to participate in the music and dancing.

People bring in their own instruments and start jamming.

Reminds me a lot about Kensington Market in Toronto.

At the other end of the park, people gather with foam-padded weapons & shields to fight mock medieval battle. I was itching to jump in.

People size each other up and pick their match.

The battles would last for several minutes, then the 2 sides would reset and charge at each other again.

There is no limit to age, though I didn’t see any ladies join in the battle.

Definitely need to go back and spend more time in Montreal!

SamMontreal – Part II.

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