First Stop – Rome, Italy

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With its roots stretching back as far as 2,500 years ago. Rome is a paradise for ancient buildings, cobblestone streets, and little alleys.

Flying with Air Transat, the budget airline between North America and Europe.

Taking a breather after rushing from work to the airport.

We caught sight of Italy after breaking through heavy clouds!

Checked into the hostel and just try to find our bearing near the train terminal….

Someone calls me and I turn around, it was my aunt and 2 cousins. What are the odds of running into someone in the middle of Italy?

Walked into a local market as they are cleaning up for the day.

The city is just a marvel of architectural gems. Even the street corridor is full of detail.

The Chapel of the Nativity at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

The little detail of Space Invader made me chuckle.

My job is to wander off as I see something interesting; Carmen’s job is to figure out where we are and how to get back on track.

The city becomes very quiet in the early afternoon for a siesta and avoid the direct sun.

Roads leading to Piazza di Spagna, the base of the Spanish Steps.

On Ponte Sant’Angelo around sunset. The pace slows down in the evening, people sit outside for a drink and chat till midnight.

She is still reading the map….

SamFirst Stop – Rome, Italy

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  1. ian

    awesome. looking forward to when i go back there.

    i laughed when you said carmen’s job is to figure out where you guys are and how to get back :)

    pretty cool to run into family too — they are from toronto too? or hk?

  2. Horace

    Is there a bit of `halo` around the statue in the 2nd last image? A bit too aggressive on the unsharp mask (aka clarity)?

    Increase speed, drop down, reverse direction!

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