Baby Photoshoot – Caeden Evan Morrison

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I had the opportunity to take some photos at the Morrison’s home on Oct 2nd, just as Caeden was turning 3 weeks old.

It was a lot of fun shooting with Ian and Nikki, who were extremely accommodating and easy going.

What a cozy room for the baby!

Big yawn from the baby, though he is resisting sleep to see what all the fuss around him is about!

Finally he nods off….for a few minutes.

But he wakes up and looks around for the familiar faces. Daddy picks him up to soothe him.

Some toys made the relatives, so awesome!

The moment he is held by his mom he is peaceful and dozes off.

It is amazing how we were all so tiny at the beginning!

SamBaby Photoshoot – Caeden Evan Morrison

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  1. Grandma C

    What an awesome gift from Mark and Ally, and what stunning pictures! Absolutely sweet and adorable :) Love love love them!!

  2. Jenny Ozembloski

    Simply amazing shots, how wonderfully happy you both are, the pride and adoration over the life you have created is quite evident! Congratulations to both of you.

    Love Mom (Bapcia)

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