Famous in China Twitter?!

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This came as a little surprise today. Thanks to an anonymous tipster who showed me that some one by the name of 726stephen in the Chinese Twitter site Weibo has been living my life for the past few months by copying photos/stories from my blog. I thought this is quite funny and took some screenshots to share!

As you enter his page (http://weibo.com/726stephen), you discover that he is a handsome Caucasian male that lives in England. He is also fluent in Chinese and loves emoticons! Wait, doesn’t that photo look awefully familar to my shot in Barcelona?

Hrm the background looks like the Maple Leaves in Toronto. He’s got the same post too and tries to protect it by splattering his name right across the image.

This is the part that really makes me angry. If you can read Chinese you can read the comments. In English it goes like this.

Friend: Nice! Please teach me.
726stephen: You need to rely on your feelings and heart. Can’t teach you.
Friend: I know I have no talent…
726stephen: You just need to take more to get it.

A quick look through his previous posts show that this has gone on for some time. I have circled the images that were stolen.

So 726stephen, if you are reading this. This is a cease and desist warning!

SamFamous in China Twitter?!

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  1. Carmen

    Do not know you are that famous in China. haha And can’t believe that STEPHEN726 put his name on all your photos. AWESOME@@

  2. Ludwik & Angela

    You should write your warning in Chinese as well. Also, maybe disable the right click function on your site?

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