Shelley & Rishi’s Wedding

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Following their June Engagement Luncheon, the couple celebrated their marriage on October 29th, amongst their families and friends.

The Baraat ceremony started early in the frosty conditions and I was partnering up with Horace to get some photos for the evening slideshow.

Following traditions, the groom rides a white horse to the entrance of the temple.

Accompanied by a dhol, traditional Indian drummer, a parade of family and friends walk/dance alongside the groom.

The Milni Ceremony, where the bride’s and groom’s families exchange gifts and greetings.

The groom has to negotiate with the bride’s relative on a price to enter the temple.

The Jay Mala for the groom and bride to exchange garlands of flowers inside the temple.

After breakfast, the wedding ceremony commenced, led by a Hindu priest. The bride enters the temple and sits beside the groom, surrounded by their close relatives.

The ceremony consists of reciting verses in Sanskrit, an ancient Vedic language, blessings from the priest, and encircles a holy fire seven times.

Rishi’s Waterloo friends in a group shot as they are trying to lift him up!

The reception took place in Radisson Plaza Hotel Mississauga.

Bhangra dance performance. The performers were so energetic and well-coordinated!

Rishi’s nephew running off as soon as dropped off the money in front of the dancer.

Dessert time!

So many to choose from, there was even a chocolate fondue fountain!

This dance drew a lot of people onto the dance floor, as they were passing the crown to each other and trying to balance it on their heads.

Congrats Shelley & Rishi!

A gallery with more images HERE.

SamShelley & Rishi’s Wedding

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