Sun-baked Adventures: Grand Canyon National Park

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We spent 3 days in Grand Canyon. There was plenty to do and we really enjoyed the hikes and clearly labelled routes.

Exploring on the South Rim of the Canyon.

Mules awaiting their tasks at the Historic Mule Barn. Mule rides along the rim or descent to the base are possible but need to be booked 13months in advance!


Horace, Carmen, and I ventured out in the Bright Angle Trail.

For the first 3miles, we were staying in the shades and the trail was pretty slippery with hard packed snow/ice.

We each had our share of slips and falls, but it wasn’t too dangerous. Use of crampons are recommended.

View from Three Mile Resthouse with all the switchbacks ahead of us!

After 2000ft elevation drop and 4.9 miles (7.9km), we reach the Indian Garden, an oasis in all the sand and rocks.

We met some rangers that were maintaining the paths.

A few mule-deers foraging along the ravine in the Indian Garden .

After eating a quick lunch, we turned around and retraced our steps back to the South Rim. Every step is now uphill!

Made it back to the top and we drove West along Hermit Road.

Stopping to admire the sunset.

SamSun-baked Adventures: Grand Canyon National Park

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