Sun-baked Adventures: Antelope Canyon, Page

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Climbing back up the South Kaibab Trail and taking a last look of the Grand Canyon at Desert View look-out point, we said goodbye to the majestic sights and headed North.

Along the way we saw a few elks grazing in the forest.

Arriving at Page, Arizona at 10pm we stream into Fiesta Mexicana for some delicious Mexican food!

We attacked the salsa & chips as our dishes were being prepared. It was what we needed after 4hrs of driving.

Next day we set out to find the Antelope Canyons. In the distance are the tall smoke stacks of the Navajo Generating Station.

Even though the slot canyons are the biggest attractions in town, we could not find an address to punch into our GPS. Then we realized that they have done it on purpose so we would join their tours for extra costs. Photo taken from here.

We refused to give in and asked for directions from the locals. Turns out you need to join a tour for Upper Antelope Canyon but near Hwy 98 & 222 there is Lower Antelope Canyon where we can have direct access and less busy.

Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone. A guide is required due to the danger of flash flooding through the channel. Visitors are given 2hrs to walk through the slot, climb up and loop back to the entrance.

Capturing the intrigue shapes in the canyon. Every step is a new perspective!

On the road again, heading North towards Utah.

Big sand rocks in the horizon.

By nightfall we have arrived at Goulding, Utah at the edge of Monument Valley.

SamSun-baked Adventures: Antelope Canyon, Page

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  1. Tim Garvey

    My Sister loves the canyons and rivers in Utah, has done a fair amount of hiking. I so wish that I could make a similar trip soon.

  2. Horace

    The black & white slot canyon shot turned out really well. I should get cracking on my post-processing..

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