Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods

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Waking up at dawn we walked through the town of Goulding flanked on both sides by sandstone buttes.

These sandstone blocks could reach up to 1,000 ft (300 m) above the Colorado Plateau.

Walking back to the RV for breakfast.

The View Hotel in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

Amazing view from the souvenir shop!

We hiked along the Wildcat Trail, a 3.1mile trail that circles the base of the West Mitten Butte.

Mom and dad posing in front of the camera. :)

After leaving Monument Valley we followed Hwy191 North, passing Mexican Hat rock along the way.

We took a detour into an unpaved road called “Valley of the Gods”, signs warn against large or heavy vehicles from entering.

Of course that didn’t stop our 27′ Mighty RV. Carmen took the wheel while Horace and I snapped away.

It was an untouched landscape with sandstone pillars in every direction.

In this stretch of road we really wanted to have the Jeep Wrangler for some off-road driving.

On our way we before as the sky got dark.

Arriving by night fall in the town of Moab, right outside Arches National Park, for some delicious Chinese food. Crab rangoons.

SamMonument Valley and Valley of the Gods

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