Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks

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It’s been 2 years since our last hiking trip to the Adirondack State Park. This time we went in the middle of winter for some snow-shoeing…in the middle of a lake.

We left Toronto at 10pm and stayed overnight in Brockville, cramming all 6 people into the room. We woke up bright and early to cross the border.

Arriving at the trailhead, we get layered up and strap on our gear.

So glad there is a good amount of snow. We make our way into the interior sites.

Cross the trickling ravines.

Arriving at a lean-to, a structure with 3 walls and a sloping roof, to setup camp and reduce the impact to the surrounding area.

Mounting the 50mm F1.4, I have forgotten how much fun it is to use this prime with its extremely shallow DOF.

Our home for the night, getting ready for bed. The temperature was -3degC.

In the morning we crawl out of sleeping bags and boil water for breakfast, Carmen also take advantage of the heat to help thaw her boots.

Making a detour to Indian Pass, but due to time limit we didn’t make it to the viewpoint.

Hiking uphill with all our packs for about a mile, while it was snowing heavily towards the top.

With the trail in front unbroken (no traces of the path), Mike made the wise decision to turn back and avoid getting lost in the dark.

Hiking back to the lean-to with our headlamps.

With the new plan we retraced our steps toward the trailhead. We got to hike across a frozen lake!

Snowshoes assemble!

We got to spend more time at Lake Placid to do some shopping and also enjoy the local scenery.

The Pentax K-5 did an amazing job; I slung it on my side throughout the entire trip, tumbling into the snow dozens of times and covering it with snow. There were icicles hanging off from the lens and some of the buttons were frozen from the melted snow. Yet it performed flawlessly and reliably.

Driving home after a satisfying weekend of snowshoeing!

SamSnowshoeing in the Adirondacks

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  1. Tim Garvey

    Sam, these are really great – makes me miss the weekends when I “used to do” this stuff – need to start again.

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