Philippines: Part 1.

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This is the beginning of our Honeymoon in the Philippines. Before I start, many people have asked us “Why the Philippines?”. Well let me walk you through how Carmen and I made the decisions.

It was early November and we were just busy settling into our new place, we wanted to booked our flights for the honeymoon and set the time aside. We named a series of countries in Asia that interest us and did a little research independently.
We saw what we liked, booked the flight, bought some guidebooks, and worry about it later!
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Flying into Clark international airport, about 2hrs north of the capital Manila, we are greeted by a refreshing landscape of fields, hills, and rivers.

Two aircraft wrecks were stored just outside the gates of the airport. There could be historic value that I am not aware of.

A short Jeepney ride and we arrive at Mabalacat Bus Terminal, we are very confused which bus to take, how much it cost, and what type of animal is being cooked on the grills.

View along the way as we wind through the mountains on a 6hr bus ride, while the movie Battleship is being played.

Arriving in Baguio, a mid-size university town 1,600 meters above sea level. We settle in a guest house and take a stroll around the neighborhood.

Passing by a meat vendor in a stretch of local market.

The next day we rise early and head to the bus terminal.

Jeepneys that ferry passengers to/from the bus terminal to the entire city, their designated routes are usually painted on the side/front.

Some residential building perched on the side of a hill on the outskirts of Baguio city.

Local women flock our bus as it makes a rest stop, we tried some local snacks.

145km & 6hrs later we arrive in Sagada, a small, laid back town in the Mountain Province.

We visit the Yoghurt House as recommended by the guidebook and enjoy the view on the 2nd floor balcony.

Food arrives! Carmen is happy. Their homemade yoghurt is really good!

After lunch we head downhill to the Lumiang burial cave and then towards Sumaguing Cave.

We did not intend on caving but after talking to one of the guides we decided to try it out. He lead our group of 3 people down with his kerosene lamp.

After passing under a giant cavern full of bats, we have to climb down using ropes and slide on our bums.

The ‘introductory’ 2hr tour was challenging and very interesting, it was very refreshing to thread through the running streams and different pools.

By the time we exit it was getting dark, we follow the mountain trail back to the town and grabbed a satisfying dinner.

SamPhilippines: Part 1.

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