Philippines: Sagada & Batad

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After our caving experience, we embarked on a short hike the next morning to the hanging coffins in Sagada. We followed a winding trail over a hill and then followed a dirt path to the base of the cliff.

A 2,000 years old Igorot burial tradition, the coffins are carved by the elderly (often the wealthy and respected) before they die. Idea is to be closer to the heaven and also avoid floods & animals.

Instead of following the original path back, we decided to take a narrow dirt path to continue exploring the Echo Valley. Branches on the unmarked path got us concerned how to get out of the valley.

Exploring a giant cave openings, too bad we didn’t pack out headlamps!

In the end we followed a narrow path and dog barking sounds and exited right at a farm. The farmer was very nice and showed us the way back to town.

Aboard a jeepney as we toward Bontoc, a major transit hub for the region.

Though Bontoc is a connection hub, all the activities are concentrated along one stretch of road.

Dozens of tricycles ferry passengers from one end to the other.

We visited the local market to buy some lunch and drinks.

Loading our bags to the jeepney roof and ready to go.

Inside the jeepney, we were lucky to get the front seats this time!

A 2hr ride through the mountains towards Banaue.

Arriving in Banaue, we decided to skip town and hire a tricycle and head to Batad, a remote village 15km from the town. The road was a little bumpy.

Hiking for 40min, we reach the top of the hill, called the ‘Saddle’.

Breathtaking view as the sun breaks through the clouds.

To get to the village, we have to get to the other side of the mountain.

We arrived in the village and stayed the night at Rita’s Mount View Inn & Restaurant.

View from the patio overlooking the Batad Rice Terrace. Not a bad way to end the day!

SamPhilippines: Sagada & Batad

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  1. Horace

    That’s a lot of hiking and traveling! I’m winded just from reading about your journey haha. Amazing views of rural Philippines :)

  2. Bradley

    The shots are amazing! It makes me miss visiting the Philippines, and although I’ve been to Baguio, I haven’t seen this side of it before. You made the right choice for your honeymoon destination haha. Looking forward to seeing more!

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