Family Day Snowshoeing Part I.

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Over the Family Day long weekend, a group of us packed our gear, crossed the border to the High Peak Regions in New York State.

We had previously visited the park both in the Spring and in the Winter, conquering different peaks and lakes. This time we took the familiar trial from the Adirondacks Loj towards Marcy Dam.

It had been consistently cold so we were able to walk over the frozen lake.

We found an empty lean-to, left our overnight gear and then proceeded to ascend Mount Colden.

Hiking through the forest. Making steady progress.

Once we got above 3,300ft all the trees were coated with snow and ice. It was a dazzling display.

The final push up to the peak. It was a chilly day but very clear skies.

Amazing view from the top. It was spectacular but we were also out of the treeline so was exposed to a pretty steady wind. After about 10min we had to pack up and find cover.

Taking one last look before heading downhill.

Going downhill on snowshoes is pretty easy. There is plenty of grip even on the steep sections, but it is tough on the knees.

Even Victor’s beard got frozen along the way!

Finally returned to camp just as it was getting dark. We started to setup and cook dinner.

All the streams were frozen so we had to take snow to melt after depleting our water bottles.

Here is Part II as we climb to the top of Algonquin Peak.

SamFamily Day Snowshoeing Part I.

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