France Trip Captured in 120 Film

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Even lugging around my main setup, K-5 with a slew of lenses, I still wanted to bring the Yashica Mat-124G along.
I didn’t shoot that many rolls of film so this feels like a very brief synopsis of our trip. More to come!

Didn’t load properly…a bit cut off. A small town in Normandy.

We were there accompanying the talented T’ang Quartet from Singapore in Burgundy. Leslie & Carmen right before a concert.

At the château we stayed at, enjoying the sun.

Brilliant wild flowers everywhere!

Canal de Bourgogne, a series of tunnels and locks for the boats to traverse the river.

Artist Catherine Demetz at the château. She is such a great cook and showed us the best of French cuisine.

Door decoration in the city of Agen, about 1.5hr East of Bordeaux.

A small fishing village along the tip of Cap Ferret, which we just randomly walked into.

A lovely couple running an oyster shack by the sea. It was a great meal and Carmen fully indulged herself with shrimp & oysters.

It’s been tough trying to work on the photos from a 6yr old work laptop – often going on standby from overheat. Fun fact: crop & rotate are very computationally intense operations.

SamFrance Trip Captured in 120 Film

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  1. Horace

    This is an excellent photo series. I’m glad you’re still putting the Yashica to good use.

    Are you using your digital camera as exposure meter? These are all pretty much dead on :)

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