Roadtrip to Ohio!

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It’s been a little hectic lately, I arrived home from LA on Tuesday and drove out with Carmen to Columbus, Ohio on Thursday night. We attended and photographed Sarah & Greg’s wedding celebration.

Working on the photos, here are a few photos we took while enjoying the rehearsal dinner at The Golf Depot in Central Park Columbus.

Great place on a hill overlooking downtown area.

Taking a break at a parking lot, I kept staring at the clouds instead of focusing on the drive. :)

Wedding photos to come next week!

SamRoadtrip to Ohio!

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  1. Nancy Williams

    I am so thrilled Sarah & Greg requested you for the photos of their backyard wedding. My husband, Bo and I thoroughly enjoyed you and Carmen sharing the festivities with our family. If this is any indication of what is to come, Looking VERY forward to the photos, can’t wait!

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