Target Fly Day at the Metrodome

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Last week I had the opportunity to head to Minneapolis to help with an event to show the Target team some of the latest Air Hogs products. The event took place in the Metrodome, the stadium for the NFL Minnesota Vikings with seating for 64,000.

We met early in the morning and loaded up the vans full of products.

The team consisted of Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Sales Annalists. We drove through the service entrance and unloaded.

Such a cool sight to be standing right at ground level. Reminds me of the visit to the Boston TD Banknorth Garden.

We quickly unpacked, sorted the items and set them up 5 stations. Then we had walk through and test the different challenges.

Here are some of the new items for Fall 2013. This is the Megabomb that can drop a scatter bomb payload.

The Helix X-4 Stunt able to perform 3 different stunts. Super easy to fly and darn durable with the foam encased body.

Drop Strike that can drive on the ground, eject the wheels, and then fire missiles.

The Hyper Actives 5, a 5 wheeled stunted vehicle.

It was a lot of fun taking it off the jumps and half pipes.

The auto-hovering Atmosphere.

AND the trophy for the team that won the most challenges.

A few of the players from the Minnesota Vikings happened to be practicing on the turf while we were setting up.

After their practice the kicker Blair Walsh joined us and gave theTitan Gliders a few tosses.

They even lined up to see who can throw it the furthest.

After the event finished we hiked to the top of the stadium with a few titans.

Patricky tossing it off and see it glide down for 60-80 yards.

It’s too bad the Metrodome is due to be demolished later this year, but glad we were able to host such a cool event inside it.

SamTarget Fly Day at the Metrodome

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