France – Mont Saint-Michel

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Continuing from the drive from Paris to Normandy. Our furthest detestation is the island fortification called Mont Saint Michel. Here we catch a glimpse of the towering Abbey across the plains.

Getting closer – all visitors need to park in designated lots and then either walk (40min) or take the shuttle bus over the land bridge to the fort.

Entering the fort and discovering the last tour to the Abbey closes at 5pm, we had 15 minutes to find our way there.

To the top!

Following the paths spiralling up to the top, and taking the occasional stairs as shortcuts.

We made it into the Abbey and could take our time exploring the different rooms along the path. Here is the cloister overlooking the ocean.

Along the main street with shops and restaurants. It was near dinner time and the street was emptying up, shops closing up.

View from 2/3 from the top, the tides was rising and covering over the vast plains.

The crowd was returning to watch the sunset and the town light up. You can see Carmen & I in the bottom right!

It was almost 11pm when we had to find our hotel. Relying on the GPS took us on some pretty rural roads.

Next morning we woke up to a quaint little village

Delicious breakfast, we loved the baguettes and croissants in France and would sample it at different bakeries.

The owners operate a B&B and a glass making studio on the ground floor, they were so kind to give us a demo.

Time to hit the road again!

SamFrance – Mont Saint-Michel

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