Los Angeles & Mt. Baldy Hike

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I realize that I am all over the place with my posts, so I apologize in advance. :)

After our Rooftop Adventure in China the team flew from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. In the evening light a view of Mt.Hood from the sky casting a long shadow in the evening light.

With the time difference it was almost a 40 hr day when we landed in LA.

We toured downtown LA after work and it was pretty interesting, though quiet for a city that size.

The Comic-Con was happening so there was a lot of interesting Cosplay characters walking around.

Victor found a hiking route not too far from the city. So we got up early on a Saturday and drove 45min NE to the Angeles National Forest. The hike is an 11 mile path called Mt. Baldy (San Antonio) Loop with a lot of elevations.

Starting at 6160ft, we attack the steep ascend after passing the Manker Falls.

The Baldy Bowl about halfway up. It was just one continuous climb and our calves were burning with every step.

We just kept going up on the zig zags and taking short breaks under the shades.

Finally getting to the top after gaining 3,900ft. The peak is 10,068 feet (3,069 m) and is covered by snow a big portion of the year.

We ate the snacks that we had been saving, take a break and prepare for the descent.

A group had brought up some extra props for Extreme Ironing, kudos to them!

It was all loose gravel and the 3 of us didn’t have the proper footwear for it.

Hiking along the Devil’s Backbone, it was a great view opening up on both sides.

There was an option to take the cable car down but we chose to take a shortcut right beneath it. We were just doing a controlled slide down the hill.

Driving back Los Angeles and leaving the mountains behind us.

Meeting the rest of the group at Little Tokyo for supper, it was really lively with different performances.

Sitting down and enjoying a delicious meal of shabu shabu!

SamLos Angeles & Mt. Baldy Hike

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