Toddler Photoshoot – Tyler

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As a few of you recall, about 7 months ago Carmen & I did a fun photoshoot with baby Tyler. It is always a joy to see him at church every Sunday, it is amazing to see him grow over the past 8 months.

Parents John & Jo. :)

Tyler is now 8 months old and we took a walk to the nearby park for a picnic and take some photos.

He is starting to crawl and see him muscle his way to get the toys.

His first taste of freshly plucked grass from the lawn.

We all stepped away from Tyler for this shot and he turning around looking for John & Jo.

Going home for dinner. Tyler was so hungry he ate all the food in 10 minutes!

Tyler playing with his favorite stuffed animal, Martin.

John role-playing with Tyler.

Sumo pose.

A little camera shy as we took off his diaper.

Rolls. :)

John & Jo were super nice to let me try some risky shots, putting Tyler on the edge of the stairs. Carmen is the safety marshal.

Tyler was so cooperative and able to sit still for the few minutes to pull off the shot.

After that we enjoyed a delicious Popeye’s dinner, Carmen’s favorite!

SamToddler Photoshoot – Tyler

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