Annick & Utsav’s Engagement Shoot

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It was a nice summer evening to go for the engagement shoot session with Annick & Utsav.

They picked the starting location at the Music Garden, where they had their first date!

It was fun just hanging out at the lawn up the blanket and they brought along their favorite (geeky) book to read.

They share their interest in reading and continuous learning.

It was really fun for them to read each other’s books and being puzzled by it.

Walking along the harborfront trail, a lot of interesting places.

Relaxing under the parasols, the weather was so nice with the breeze coming off the lake.

In front of Sadie’s Diner, their favorite vegetarian restaurant.

TTC streetcar stop.

It was so much fun shooting with Annick & Utsav, they are easy-going and love trying different ideas/locations!

SamAnnick & Utsav’s Engagement Shoot

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  1. SarahB

    Oooooooh you two are just gorgeous! Et je suis contente que tu apprennes un peu de grammaire française, Utsav!
    Love you so much, Annick <3 Actually, love to you both!

  2. Natasha

    This makes me wish we’d done an engagement shoot. You both look so happy and have captured some really sweet and tender moments. xxx

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