Tracy & Dustin’s Backyard Wedding

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Carmen & I had the opportunity to capture Tracy & Dustin’s beautiful backyard wedding earlier this summer!

Arriving in the morning, Tracy is getting ready.

Dress, shoes, and rings.

Friends also started arriving to help with the setup in the backyard.

Tracy’s mom help put on jewelry, a quiet moment in all the busy schedule.

Follow the sign to the celebration!

We had previously done a scouting trip and found this overgrown field with some pretty neat features.

Going over some sketchy bridges….

They were troopers, willing to trek over knee-high wild grass in their wedding attire to get to the open fields.

Tracy’s neighbor even offered to let them ride on his motorcycle!

Inside the house a lot of helpers preparing the final details.

Final touches before the ceremony.

Guest sign-in table, love the decor!

The procession getting ready for the wedding ceremony.

Group shot with everyone!

Bride & Groom immediate family.

All the helpers!

After the ceremony, guests can mingle, eat, and play games!

Bride & Groom kissing while balancing on a slackline!

Evening Chinese feast at a nearby restaurant with extended family and family friends.

Chinese tea ceremony to show respect to the elders.

Cake Cutting.

Congrats to the newly wedded couple!

SamTracy & Dustin’s Backyard Wedding

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