Tobermory Cottage Weekend!

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We arrived at the cottage near dusk. It was a really calm day and we sat on the dock to watch the sun go down.

Making the most of the weekend we woke up nice and early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

Foggy and really peaceful.

A huron flew by all of sudden!

The bay was so calm we can stare straight into the bottom.

Head to town for lunch and buy some groceries. Can you see the bump on Carmen?

It was such a beautiful day despite being early fall. We played this game called “War” on the beach. Girls are mean!

Had the underwater housing on. Interesting distortions.

Back at the cottage.

Trying out the rowboat…we were too slow so eventually got a tow from Horace’s kayak!

Clear night! Managed to catch a shooting star in this shot!

Most surprising thing was seeing the faint Northern Lights show up in the camera LCD screen.
It was not visible by the naked eye but with a long exposure the colors came out.

We searched the shoreline for wildlife…here we have a leech, a few crayfish.

A frog! He probably really liked our warm hands.

Next morning we just hung out around the cottage. :)

Maureen trying the advanced level slack-lining.

Quick lunch, clean-up and pack-up to go! Until next time!

Here is the previous cottage trip in 2012!

SamTobermory Cottage Weekend!

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