Wacky Camera – Polaroid SX-70

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I love cameras, and over time from going to various camera shows or browsing on-line forums I have come to amass some quirky and fun cameras from the past. This week I will cover one of the most interest foldable cameras ever – the Polaroid SX-70.

Introduced in April 1972, the SX-70 was a marvel of engineering to be collapsible yet maintain so many features.

Pull the top handle to expand the camera.

Equipped with exposure compensation, manual focus, split prism focusing, and red shutter button.

An aftermarket attachment to add a flash unit. Originally, the flash system relied on a disposable “Flash Bar” of 10 bulbs produced by General Electric.

Lens hood with drop-in filter slots. Here I have attached the close-up 1 filter.

I still have 2 of the original SX-70 film packs which have been discontinued since 2005. The expiry date is Dec/97, wonder if the emulsion still works.

I actually have 2 SX-70 bodies, one I have converted to use the Polaroid 600 film.

Below are some images I shot previously with this camera. I had some residue on the rollers which led to those bright dots.

A few more images from 2008/9 when I was still in University: Link

SamWacky Camera – Polaroid SX-70

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  1. Horace

    It’s such a stylish and well designed camera, a true classic.

    Hey, it’s the Voltron Starshooter in the background :)

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