Nicole & Oleg’s Wedding

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On November 1st, 2014, Nicole & Oleg officially got married in Kitchener-Waterloo.
Some of you might recall the airport engagement shoot from June.

Carmen & I had the opportunity to capture the wedding day, the day started off with Nicole and bridemaids getting their hair done at Voila Uptown Salon.

It was an open concept salon and great for the group to be in the same space.

Lorraine, Nicole’s mom, checking up on the progress.

Applying make-up for the bride and maid of honor.

Meanwhile, the men are getting a shave at the barber shop in Uptown Waterloo.

Back at the Nicole’s house, starting to get ready.

Lorraine lacing up Nicole’s dress.

Pinning the boutonniere for her dad.

The light snow that still lingered in the early afternoon.

Arriving at the church for the ceremony.

Sophia the flower girl.

Group photo for everyone attending the wedding!

Due to the cold and windy conditions, we had to change venue last minute and had the bridal party shoot in the Kitchener City Hall. The staff and visitors there was very kind to give us the space and props for the shoot.

Guys vs girls..haha!

It was fun to explore this big space and utilize all the different settings. We would often dash out for a quick shot and come back to warm up.

The reception took place at Golf’s Steak House & Seafood. A beautiful location overlooking the Grand River.

An ice-breaking game for all the tables.

Best man speech by Behrouz.

Maid of Honor Michelle, Nicole’s sister.

Oleg’s sister.

Nicole’s parents.

Homemade Dessert treats!

And of course speech from the Bride & Groom.

Nicole & Oleg’s first dance.

Stunning performance that photos cannot capture.

Dance floor opens.

Bouquet toss.

Congrats to the newly married couple!

SamNicole & Oleg’s Wedding

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