Snowy Portraits of Kris – Film Vs Digital

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When it was snowing hard one morning, Kris and I scouted out a nearby location and did a quick portrait session. As some of you might recall, Kris & I had a fun shoot with his 1971 VW Super Beetle in 2013.

I shot with both film and digital to compare the resultant images, I used 2 cameras:
1) Yashica Mat-124G with Kodak Portra 400 film
2) Panasonic GX-1 with 20mm F/1.7 lens

Can you tell which image is from which camera? If yes, Which camera’s output do you prefer?

I prefer the overall feel of the film images, from checking all the settings, pressing the shutter, waiting to finish the roll, developing & scanning. The anticipation and surprise in the end is so much fun each time.
Digital is the more convenient and reliable medium. Sometimes being able to review instantly or burst away takes away some of the mystery in shooting. But a great way to experiment and learn!

SamSnowy Portraits of Kris – Film Vs Digital

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  1. ian

    how did you digitize the film ? scanner? Does it do it justice? 1st and 3rd are film right? I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t … i definitely prefer output of 2nd and 4th

  2. ian

    could you bump up the vibrance of either of 2nd/4th pics — would like to see how it looks with similar colour (looks a little washed out)

  3. Jennie

    Same questions as Ian! #3 looks like film – just because it doesn’t look as sharp so I was wondering if the scan went awry. My fav is #1.

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