Week 1 with Baby Amber

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I don’t plan on turning this blog into a baby blog but the past week I have only worried about feed/poop/pee/sleep for Amber this is all I have to update this week!

We were able to go home on Saturday Feb 21st, had to shuffle some items to get ready for baby. We have been using our Uppababy indoor as a bassinet.

Overall Amber has been very reasonable and we are really enjoying our new role as parents!

Nights are tough, feeding is every 3hrs and so far it takes us about 1.5hr to give her enough food.
2:00am: Wake up and strip down Amber to prepare for feeding
2:10am: Skin-to-skin with mom to calm her down
2:20am: Breastfeeding for half an hour
2:55am: Bottle feed with pumped breast milk. Carmen starts pumping.
3:05am: Bottle feed formula
3:15am: Wash all the bottle and pump accessories
3:35am: Diaper check & PJs back on
3:50am: Bedtime
5:00am: Repeat!

If Amber won’t go to bed, one person has to stay up to hold her or find the problem.

Mom has been bringing food and coming to help everyday, she is a trooper!

Bath time, Amber got progressively more fussy as the water temperature dropped.

However difficult, we often find ourselves spending the quiet time staring at Amber, even though we really should be taking a nap!

SamWeek 1 with Baby Amber

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