Aerial Tour at 3,000ft

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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience flying in a small aircraft and tour several cities!
Last year I did an engagement photoshoot for Oleg and Nicole at the aircraft hangar. We have been meaning to go together but prior attempts were cancelled due to weather conditions.

Oleg going through the pre-flight inspection and checklist.

Another plane under maintenance.

Getting the plane out of the hangar.

System checks. It is a pretty tight interior and I had the back seats all to myself and could see out of both sides.

Everything was cleared and we took off from Region of Waterloo International Airport!

The smaller plane definitely is a little bumpier than commercial airlines, but it is also a much more intimate experience hearing all the radio communication and be able to see what the pilot is doing.

City of Hamilton in the far right. Such a different perspective from the sky.

A row of houses along the lake. Wonder what that pier is for?

We followed the coast line near Burlington and head East towards Toronto.

Oleg circled the city twice. and it is amazing to see all the high rises just beneath us.

Looking North East.

Home and BMO field!

Head back West before dark. Total time in the air was about 1.5hrs.

SamAerial Tour at 3,000ft

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