Amber at Four Months!

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Amber is 4 month old already!

Super mommy, always so patient with the two of us.

New skills acquired:
– learned to roll from her back to her tummy (can’t roll back…cries…)
– manage to stuff all 10 fingers into her mouth at once
– get very excited and scream into daddy’s ear

Need to improve:
– learn to nap on her own
– graduate from the bassinet to her own crib

Friends with Zombie dog! This is a really old electonic walking dog…it is quite scary.

Bath time is now daddy job, we sure make a big mess every night!

Pre-bedtime songs and exercise.

She has a bit of eczema on the cheeks, anyone have good remedy for it?

Now that Amber likes to grab everything within arm’s reach, it makes everyday tasks more difficult.

She just got her 2nd vaccine shots yesterday and today she came down with a light fever. Got mommy all worried! Hope it goes away soon.

Even though it has been a relatively short time, it is so cool to see the change compared to:
Three Months
Two Months
One Month
One Week

SamAmber at Four Months!

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  1. Catherine Demetz

    Amber is so beautiful ! congratulations !….and it sounds like she is very advanced for her 4 months !

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