DIY Turf Burn Remedy

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** Disclaimer: Graphic images for some audiences **

When we play ultimate frisbee, it is a mixed feeling to play on turf (artificial grass) fields. On the one hand it is clean, drains well after rain, and no holes or ruts to fall into. On the other hand when you dive, slide, or fall it leaves a pretty nasty mark. The Women’s World Cup are facing a similar issue as they are forced to play on turf fields.

This past week I had a boo-boo during the game and came home with a pretty bad cut. It is not deep, but it sure hurts when I step into the shower. This post details my attempts to rig up devices to speed up healing from a turf burn.

Midnight…every step hurts and it was oozing juice, so I had to wrap it up before going to bed.
Version 1: I wanted the wound to breathe, so I cut up a Styrofoam tray and Carmen helped me tape it to my leg.

Nice and juicy. Next morning the tray was in pieces and stuck to my leg. Fail.

Version 2:, this time I used a higher density mushroom container. Not too bad but it was hard to sleep with this big bump on my leg. Amber was not thrilled with the design.

Weekend and I have a bit more time, picked up a peach colored pool noodle and make another attempt.
Version 3: wrap noodle around leg and tie the strings. Too much resistance and strings snapped. Fail.

Version 4: Cut out chunks in the back and slits in the front for better curvature, resistance drop by 50%.
Upgrade to nylon ropes. But still snapped after a few bends.

Version 5: Cut noodle into small beads and greatly reduce the resistance. Seems to work but radius is still quite large.

Version 6: Why not cut them into wedges to get a tighter turn?!
It takes a few minutes to align them properly but seems to work.

Test fit for top and bottom.

Approved by Amber to proceed.

Carmen even got me non-stick sterile pads, those things are amazing!

The foam rings just blend right in with my leg!

One week later, the scabs have formed and hardened. I would deem this experiment a success.

Of course, this is my pseudo-science experiment. Anyone have any recommendation for the proper procedures to speed up the healing?

SamDIY Turf Burn Remedy

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