Window. Last Row. Pillow.

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Colleague: “What seat are you at? I am at 15C.”
Me: “48F – last row. Window.”
Colleague: “You are nuts, you will never get off that plane!”

Indeed a little crazy, but I am continually fascinated by the view from the air. This is a continuation of a previous series captured from 30,000ft in the air: Window. Music. No food

City of Los Angeles, all grids and highways.

Near Grand Canyon, I think we were flying over the Colorado River.

Saw a plane flying perpendicular to us at a lower altitude.

We criss-crossed paths within a few seconds. A realization of how fast we are both moving.

Flying over Lake Ontario, thunderstorm display outside the window. Pretty challenging conditions to shoot.

Up close of the storm clouds.

Pretty cool to see the storm above the city lights.

SamWindow. Last Row. Pillow.

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