The Inauqural Family Biking Day!

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The inaugural bike ride with Amber along the Toronto harborfront. I have been so excited to try out the kid bike trailer but every time was told Amber is still too young to sit inside.

A couple weeks ago, weather was sunny and a brisk 2 DegC. I couldn’t wait any longer or Winter would be here. It took a bit of convincing for Carmen to approve and take Amber to the bike trails. I jumped at the opportunity and started getting things ready!

It was a lot of work to get the bikes ready, hook up the trailer, strap in the car seat, pack all the food/diapers for Amber. 1.5hrs later we were ready to go. Here I am doing a test ride inside the parking garage.

Normally I love to bring 2-3 lenses for different options. Now the room is taken up by baby stuff so I have to pack a more compact combo. In this case I chose the Pentax K-3 with the DA-L 40mm F2.8 pancake lens. The built-in flash actually extends past this super short lens!

Amber cried non-stop for the first 20 min, I was worried it was too bumpy and we would have to turn around, turns out she was just hungry. :)

We biked from Exhibition Place along the newly paved Waterfront Trail. Down along Cherry Beach and then West into Leslie Spit.

Other than taking bumps and curbs slowly, it wasn’t too difficult to carry the trailer.

Toronto Skyline along the way.

Stopping for a snack for Amber. She would wake up every time we stop and we would have to ‘bribe’ her with treats.

Reached the tip of Leslie Spit, such cool cloud patterns!

Amber gets to stretch her legs and eat lunch.

It started snowing lightly on the way back, but it was refreshing.

We stopped along Queen St for some delicious sushi, a good day indeed!

SamThe Inauqural Family Biking Day!

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